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Everything You Need To Know About Raw Dog Food

German Shepherd dog in a field of purple flowers beside a road

A raw dog food diet is just what it sounds like. Your dog eats meals made of real, minimally processed, uncooked food that consists of muscle and organ meat from animals, vegetables, fruit, eggs, prebiotics, probiotics, and healthy oils.

Have you ever wondered why your dog begs for “human” food under the table at every meal while they reject most dried, industrial pet foods? Dogs strive for whole food diets, just like humans do.

Vitamins Play An Important Role In The Health Of Your Dog

If your dog eats processed food most of the time, he only receives artificial vitamins made in labs. Natural nutrients get destroyed when food is processed, so makers of kibble and similar food have to add synthetic vitamins. Unlike natural vitamins, the artificial ones are hardly absorbed by the body, which makes them less efficient. How these vitamins exactly react with the body isn’t clear; what we do know is that synthetic vitamins can increase the risk of various health issues and even cancer.

Fatty Acids And Why Your Dog Needs Them

As a loving dog owner, you’ve probably asked yourself, "Do I feed my dog properly?". You already know that a healthy dog diet should be well-balanced – containing lots of raw meat, bones, and veggies. Proteins and vitamins are necessary, but what about fatty acids? What are they and why are they important for your dog?