Doug was raised on a farm in NZ in the 50/60s.

All of our dogs were fed raw meat on the bone, supplemented by table scraps, vegetables and fruit mainly a red meat diet of mutton but also beef, pork and goat. There was no such thing as kibble.

Dogs were a vital part of the farm. They rarely, if ever, saw a veterinarian, and were healthy and without allergies or cancer. This was obviously related to their diet.

When Doug began a kennel and training operation in Canada, in 1979, he fed dry commercial dog food. Kibble was accessible and convenient and was the “North American way. Over the course of the next 10 years he saw many dogs with health problems from poor coats, poor teeth and gums, loose stools to some serious allergies and cancers.

He began to realize that these problems were caused by only one thing - poor nutrition.

At this time, Doug knew he needed to switch back to raw dog food. In the early 90’s this was not easy to do as he was feeding a lot of dogs and raw food was a rarity. Research led him to want to feed primarily a poultry diet as it was easier than red meat for most dogs to digest.

He found a good source of chicken with bone in. He supplemented this with raw beef scraps and fruit and veggies and the dogs immediately showed improvement.

After seeing successes with improved diet, the essential importance of nutrition in restoring health is obvious to him. Doug continued to research a complete raw balanced diet with dietitians and implemented the diet on his own 20 plus dogs. The recipe continued to evolve over several years, with the guidance of an Animal Nutritionist from Oregon State University with her Masters Degree in K9 nutrition.

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Outpost is the ultimate Father/ Daughter Team. Danielle, after years of being asked if her father would sell his dog food, decided it was time to launch Outpost.

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