How should I transition my Dog to a Raw Food Diet?

Go cold turkey, get rid of the kibble and feed 100% raw. Never mix dry kibble with raw food, it’s like oil and water and can cause digestive distress because dry kibble takes much longer to digest.

How should I be handling the food?

Handling this food is just like handling a chicken breast or prime rib. Use the same precautions you would take when handling raw meat for your own consumption. Wash hands, clean surfaces, near-boiling water for cleaning and proper washing and drying.

Why is my Dog losing his appetite?

After a few days on a raw food diet, some dogs will appear to lose their appetites. This is perfectly normal. For the first time in your dog’s life, your dog is no longer hungry because it’s actually satisfied and getting all the nutrients it needs. You will soon figure out how much food your dog actually needs.

Why is my Dog drinking less water?

Since Kibble contains no moisture and is filled with additives your dog needs to constantly drink water to maintain proper hydration. Raw Food contains the right amount of moisture needed for digestion resulting in your dog drink less water.

Can I raise my Puppy on raw food?

Absolutely!! We have and always will raise our puppies on a raw food diets. The way you feed your puppy will determine its health for the rest of its life. Their food will be their building block for physical and mental development. We highly suggest researching the way wolves and wild dogs feed their pups.

What if I’m not home during my delivery window?

That’s ok, we will leave it on your doorstep or if there’s a secret hiding location you would like us to use you can add it into your Delivery notes and we will ensure to use it each time. In the summer months you can purchase a reusable cooler bag and we will leave it in that. Or you can leave out your own cooler.

What do I do with the cooler bag? Do you recycle them?

Yes, please save the cooler bag your food is delivered in and leave it out on your next delivery day. We’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing cooler bags and by limiting the amount of packaging we use. We appreciate your help.

How does your delivery program work?

We deliver our wholesome food directly to your door on your personalized schedule. You can make changes to your order and adjust your shipping date easily in your account.

Feeding Amount?

The food is conveniently portioned into ¼ Ib blocks. Suggested amount is one block for every 10 Ibs of your dog’s weight. So if your dog weighs 30 Ibs – daily amount would be 3 blocks.  Amount may vary depending on breed, age and activity level. We recommend feeding double the amount to puppies. Puppies require 5-10% of their weight where as adults require 2-3%.  If you need help determining the amount reach out to our dietary consultant at

Frozen or Thawed?

Your dog’s ancestors have a long history of eating frozen meats and bones. Your dog is actually adapted by long evolution to use frozen food as a normal part of its diet. You can serve frozen or you can thaw your dog’s daily amount the night before in the fridge – Whatever you and your dog prefer. We do suggest thawed for puppies. *Do not heat up the food as it will destroy many of the nutrients your dog needs.

Can I see a full ingredient list?

Absolutely, here you go! Ground Chicken (Bone In), Liver, Eggs, Carrots, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Nutritional Yeast, Bio Mos, Lecithin Granules, Kelp, Eggshell Powder, MSM & Glucosmine, Vitamin C.

Isn't Garlic bad for dogs?

Small amounts of raw, unprocessed garlic is actually really good for dogs. It only becomes toxic when excessive amounts have been feed to a dog, as in the study where dogs were fed 5 grams of garlic per kilo per day. That would mean a 75 Ib dog would be given 60 cloves of garlic daily. For reference, a St. Bernard (weighing 100+ pounds) shouldn’t consume more than 3 cloves of garlic per day so the 60 cloves fed in the study is extremely dangerous. 

We use a very small amount of garlic in our recipe so that it is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

The Benefits of Garlic for Dogs: 

Boosting Immune System 
Fighting Infections
Enhancing Liver Function
Cardiovascular Tonic
Tick/Flea Repellent
Lowering Blood Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels.

I’m interested in learning more about Raw food, can you suggest a book?

We highly suggest reading these books if you are interested in learning more about raw food.

Dr. Richard Pitcairn - Dr. Pitcairn’s complete guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats 
Dr. Ian Billinghurst - Give Your Dog A Bone.

My dog's going to the bathroom less, is that normal?

It sure is! A raw food diet usually produce small, firm, and light balls of poop that are easily passed. Your dog will produce less stool because the food is so pure and it’s being used for energy.
Some dogs will occasionally strain slightly when passing the harder stools. This is okay and even beneficial, as the harder stools help your dog express his anal glands; reducing the likelihood of infection.

I live in a apartment building, can I still get it delivered?

We deliver late morning/early afternoon on Tuesdays.  Please check with your doorman or concierge to make sure they will accept the delivery from our driver. Some apartment buildings will let us buzz in and we can leave it in front of your door.

Can I feed your food to my cat?

You sure can! All of our cats eat our Chicken & Veggie recipe and they love it!!  You will definitely see a difference in their coats and their litter box won’t be as stinky!

Can I feed my Sphynx your food?

Yes!! We have a Sphynx and she has only ever eaten Outpost. Actually a Sphynx breeder in Langley recommends Outpost to all of her customers.

My dog has a very sensitive stomach and can’t eat Chicken, what do you recommend?

Our Turkey recipe! This recipe was formulated for our fur-friends with allergies and food sensitivities. It’s also great for dogs that need a low glycemic index diet as it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Where do you deliver?

We delivery on Tuesdays + Wednesdays depending on delivery zones.
Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Can I pickup my dog food instead of having it delivered?

Yes!! If you’d like to pick it up from our farm in Langley there’s an pick up option at check-out and you’ll be given a 10% discount code.

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