Based in Langley, BC Canada, we deliver straight to your door – farm to bowl. We craft your dog’s next meal in small batches to ensure maximum nutrient retention. Our food is grain and preservative free, 100% natural, wholesome and raw.

How should I be handling the food?

Why is my Dog losing his appetite?

Why is my Dog drinking less water?

Can I raise my Puppy on raw food?

What if I’m not home during my delivery window?

What do I do with the cooler bag? Do you recycle them?

How does your delivery program work?

Feeding Amount?

Frozen or Thawed?

Can I see a full ingredient list?

Isn't Garlic bad for dogs?

My dog's going to the bathroom less, is that normal?

Can I feed your food to my cat?

Can I feed my Sphynx your food?

Where do you deliver?